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Aluminum Siding Repair

Aluminum siding is an excellent choice for your property, but it isn’t invincible. If you find that your aluminum siding is a little worse for wear, it’s important you call the most reputable aluminum siding company: Kfalls Roofing LLC. Proper repairs are essential in preventing full siding replacement and should not be trusted to simply anyone. For the best aluminum siding repairs, call us now! We are easily reached when you call (541) 205-5177.

Kfalls Roofing LLC’s Aluminum Siding Repair Services

It’s no wonder so many people choose aluminum: it’s attractive for its sturdiness, lifespan, price range, and decorative qualities. But it’s not impervious to damage. Common problems our aluminum siding contractors face are:

  • Denting: Though modern versions of aluminum siding are less susceptible to denting, it’s not invulnerable. Denting can occur in a number of ways, primarily via hail. Small dents can be repaired but take several steps, tools, and expertise. These steps are followed with sanding, primer, and paint. An expert’s eye is required to match colors, an expert hand for perfect blending, and specialists trained in safety protocols are necessary to complete the repair.
  • Scratching: Nearby tree branches, twigs blowing in a storm, and frisbees and toys all can leave aluminum siding scratched. In order to repair this, entire panels have to be removed and buffed. This can be a complicated and dangerous endeavor for untrained or lesser aluminum siding contractors.
  • Leaking: When seasons change, extreme temperature shifts can cause expansion and contraction of the aluminum panels, resulting in gaps and holes for water to penetrate. Maybe you don’t have the required protective moisture barrier underneath depending on who did your work initially. Left to us, all will be well.

Increase Curb Appeal with Fresh Color on Your Aluminum Siding

After time and exposure, once bright or shiny colors will need to be refreshed. Let our expert aluminum siding company handle repainting your faded siding. Color matching and ladder work are best left to us. Or opt for a new color! External painting takes Kfalls Roofing LLC’s finesse and great care.

To Repair or To Replace Aluminum Siding

Because of the challenging nature of house aluminum siding repairs, many places will push full siding replacement, even when not utterly necessary. To Kfalls Roofing LLC, replacement is a last resort, not a solution to a bit of maintenance and repair. Save your hard-earned dollars for other things by hiring us to fix what ails your aluminum siding. Bigger isn’t always better, especially in terms of time and money spent! Save on both with our capable aluminum siding company.

Contact Us Now for the Best Local Aluminum Siding Repair Team

It can be difficult to tell exactly how severe a problem might be from the ground. Call us to inspect all your siding and we’ll make a comprehensive list of what needs to be done now, and what might be able to wait. Our consultations include cost and length of worktime estimates. Call (541) 205-5177 now to schedule a no-obligation quote.

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